Tyzo Bloom is the moniker for LA-based artist producer and songwriter Casey Chen.  Born in Newport Beach, CA, Casey’s family relocated to Japan when he was young, where he formed his earliest musical memories. When his family decided to move back to Orange County, his parents wanted him to play an instrument, so he picked up classical cello and piano. While attending Laguna Beach High school, Casey fell in love with pop-punk and Alt-Rock music and began experimenting with electronic production and songwriting.  Armed with classical training and a new found passion for modern, evolving sounds, Casey attended Berklee College of Music, where he began collaborating with other songwriters. 
After Berklee, Casey moved to LA where he first dipped his toes into the professional arena, working at The Village Studios with top-level producers and songwriters.  During this time, he began production work for other artists, but deep down he knew he had vision for his own music. So in 2016, he independantly debuted his first single “Drive” featuring JNNA, and Tyzo Bloom was formed . The song reached #6 on the Hype Machine charts and started to garner attentions of blogs such as Mr. Suicide Sheep and Dancing Astronaut. Since then, he’s released several other singles independently and has done official remixes for artists such as Gryffin, EMBRZ, and Minke along with production work for Quinn XCII’s track “Before It Burned”.  Casey recently signed to Alt Vision where he’ll debut his first EP, “you drive me crazy, don’t leave”, slated for release in the Summer ’19.